About project

International Republican Club – an international NGO organization created to spread republican ideas organizing discussions on the development of new forms of social and political social organization and the organization of power and control that zabezyvatymut possibility of more effective involvement of citizens in spivupravlinnya their conscious states and counteract attempts social manipulation and integration Republican international community. To participate in the Club invited political and public figures, experts who identify themselves as Republican ideology and interested in its further development.


Anatolii Pinchuk

For me republicanism means an ideology of conscious joint governance by the citizens when state’s establishment and development is a common cause for everybody who identifies itself as a citizen.


Andrii Nikolaienko

Our contemporary, a British philosopher Quentin Skinner has observed once the following: “Until we put our obligations ahead our rights we should understand that our rights will be violated”. Here is concentrated for me the essence of republicanism and its main value: patriotism, people’s activity aimed to the public weal and personal responsibility are the foundations of public order. Prosperity of a single person will be a consequence of the whole nation’s well-being.


Sergii Nosenko

Republicanism means first of all a free economy, which provides possibilities for every person to realize own potential, and therefore makes itself strong and competitive.


Olga Bogomolets

Republicanism is an ideology of a balanced cooperation between citizens due to which they establish a power structure that serves to them and protect them.


Oksana Prodan

Republicanism means people controlling their lives by themselves.


Oleksiy Skrypnyk

Republicanism is equal to the situation when active part of the society governs the state.


Yevgen Rybchynskyi

Republicanism means such a paradigm regarding mechanism of the state when the society is not merely an object for governance for the elected by it power structures, but is an active mechanism for establishing and implementation of national values. It is a form of co-responsibility between nation and power structures, common cause of elected persons and those who elect.


Sergiy Taruta

The fundamental of republicanism for me is an emphasis on self-sufficient citizen who has a civic dignity. It means reliance on citizens who build not only private life and personal welfare, but care about public interests. Each citizen has not only a right, but an obligation to participate political processes and discussions. And view of every citizen has an equal value for the state and society.


Yegor Firsov

Republicanism for me means the following:

  • a leadership;
  • the state acting in international affairs from the position of strength;
  • the strategy where interests of the country and every person are put first
  • a mindset where rights, freedom of person and private property are prioritized;
  • an ideology of positive staff selection which stimulates strong persons to develop their talents and realize own potential;
  • the policy aimed to support leaders in all spheres, because exactly leaders, active part of the society steer the majority and not vice versa.