The revolution of dignity should lead to the Revolution of consciousness.


On September 22, at the conference hall of the Salut Hotel, at the street. Ivan Mazepa, 11-B at 18.00, a regular meeting of the International Republican Club will take place.

The topic of the meeting is the presentation and discussion of the draft law Ukraine “On Amendments to the Tax Code of Ukraine and Certain Legislative Acts of Ukraine on Stimulation of Citizens’ Tax Responsibility”, which introduces an independent payment of personal income tax and a single social contribution based on the experience of the United States and leading Western countries.

Independent payment of taxes by citizens is one of the fundamental Republican ideas, which significantly affects the attitude of a citizen towards his country. When people independently pay taxes they are bigger responsibility for the issues of their further use.

The draft law was developed by a group of experts under the auspices of the International Republican Club and the Ukrainian NGO “Ukrainian Strategy”

The meeting of the Club will be attended by people’s deputies of Ukraine, representatives of the Association of taxpayers and other business associations.

Media, political and public figures, experts and all those who are indifferent who identify themselves with the republican ideology are invited to participate in the meeting of the Club.

International Republican Club is a discussion platform for political establishments of Ukraine, the USA, the Baltic States and Europe. The club unites professional experts, public figures, politicians to develop new effective social models based on republican ideolog