Sanctions against Russia

Senators from the Republican and Democratic parties in the United States agreed to strengthen sanctions against Russia

In the United States senators from the Republican and Democratic parties agreed to strengthen sanctions against Russia because of Moscow’s interference in the presidential election, as well as its activity in the Middle East. This was reported to journalists head of the Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs Republican Bob Corker, reports Interfax.

According to the bill, the US president will have to approve Congress for any relaxation of the sanctions regime against Russia. This will deprive the White House of the opportunity to abolish restrictive measures on its own.

The Wall Street Journal writes that the document opens the way to imposing additional sanctions on certain sectors of the Russian economy, including mining and transportation. According to the senators’ agreement, new restrictive measures may also be introduced against hackers.

Senators have agreed to include new measures against Russia in the bill on sanctions against Iran in order to accelerate the process of their adoption. This bill is scheduled to be voted on this week. “These additional sanctions will be a powerful signal from the two parties of Russia and other countries that they will be punished if they try to interfere in our elections,” commented the inter-party agreement Democrat Democrat leader Senate Chuck Sumer.


Earlier, Republican senator Lindsay Graham expressed confidence that President Donald Trump would sign it, as the procedure requires, in case of approval of the bill by the Senate and the House of Representatives of the Congress.